News from All Fruit Export December 2016

The Government will approve a combined agricultural insurance plan and a decree on the pollution control

The Government has planned to give the green light to the proposal of the Ministry of Agriculture, which is leaded by Isabel García Tejerina. The new combined agricultural insurance plan is going to compile the insurance lines whose subscription period starts throughout 2017 and the proportion of public support.













News from All Fruit Export October 2016



Valencia will be selected as world capital of the alimentation in 2017

Valencia will host an international congress in October 2017 and they are developing a number of campaigns about Valencian orchards and the protection of the agriculture. The city has been nominated by the FAO, a United Nations organization, with the aim of combine projects about the development of Valencian orchards, which surrounds the city, and his farmers.
















News from All Fruit Export September 2016


The council gives the green light to the draft law for protecting orchards

The preliminary draft law has been approved by the Government of Valencia. The law protects landscape and rural areas which are seriously threatened by the progress of construction; this area is conceived as a living landscape.

This draft law runs in parallel with the Territorial Action Plan of l’Horta, and will preserve more than 10.000 hectares of agricultural land. According to Salvador, there are only five areas with these qualities in the European Unión, which is why we have to protect them.














News from All Fruit Export August 2016
Autumn harvest: apples in a wooden box carried by two people

Autumn harvest: apples in a wooden box carried by two people



Spanish fruit arrives to China

Spain is now the main fruit and vegetables exporting country in the world, and is now looking to conquer the Asian giant. The sanitary and quality requirements of the Chinese government are very strict; for why the best products are chosen manually one by one, they are disinfected to prevent the transmission of plant pests, and then put in refrigerators of zero degrees.

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News from All Fruit Export February 2016


We are at Fruits Logistics 2016

On this week, the managers of AllFruitExport are at the Fruit Logistics fair, that takes place in Berlin 3rd, 4th and 5th of February. This is an opportunity for importers and exporters, fruit and vegetable producers, wholesalers and retailers, packaging companies, shipping and transport companies etc, to meet.

This year over 65.000 visitors are expected from 135 countries, all of which together during 2015 produced nearly 1,9 million tones of fruits and vegetables. At this occasion, Egypt will be the official guest country.












News from All Fruit Export November 2015



Sweet Potatoes, Onions, Potatoes and Broccoli.

All Fruit Export increases its production volume and sales of Sweet Potatoes, Onions, Potatoes and Broccoli.

Citrus season

The citrus season starts off by exporting principally in Europe to countries such as England, Germany, France, Italy, Poland and Norway.

Avocados, Mangos, Loquats (Japanese plum) and Persimmons

Due to the high demand for this type of products, All Fruit Export will now be marketing these Spanish producers.

Tropical Fruit

The continual increase in consumption of tropical fruit makes All Fruit Export increase the volume of orders of imported products such as Passion Fruit, Coconut and Pineapple.